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Greetings and  welcome to my art and freelance graphic design website. I have established this site at least a couple of years ago, so I should be editing it so what I am stating here makes more sense. I will keep the text brief but relevant and will add more artwork and design, delete what is not successful and especially improve as I grow as a graphic designer and artist. I will add a unique interesting autobiography with a relevant brief résumé soon, and a separate page and perhaps a subsequent website for my photography since I have been doing more of that medium.

My objective is to gain exposure in the artistic and designer community, both locally and globally. Most importantlly, my goal is to  become professional by gaining exposure for potential hire by a  prospective employer and/ or gain commissions by any number of tasks such as photography, painting, illustrating, and designing websites by using, just to name a few,  hence where my slogan: A Different Hat, a different Pat, comes to play.


I have appeared in a few art exhibits outside of college and I am a published illustrator. Finally, copies of my artwork, which some are featured here on the homepage and on other pages,  will be for sale at the following link:

and another link on the contact page or click on the images here. Please share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, and recommend it on Google which the apps  are located on the footer of any page of this website.

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